Who is Lauryn?

I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, sculptor and fabricator. Sure, that's a lot of hats to wear, but no matter the means, it all comes down to one thing: problem solving. I absolutely love hacking away at visual problems and finding creative ways to solve them. Though it might seem the problem would dictate which hat is worn, I’ve found it immensely beneficial to combine as many of my skills as I can on any given project. Each skill offers a new way to approach a problem and leads to a unique answer, so drawing from all of my competencies during the creative process opens a floodgate of possibilities.

When I'm not solving visual problems, I spend my time playing games (video and tabletop), watching sci-fi and fantasy movies/shows, reading graphic novels, and generally “geeking” out. I avidly collect (and play) board games and try my best to subject others to the hobby whenever possible.

Why lauryndraws and not lauryndesigns?

I'm a big advocate of drawing and sketching. Whether it is illustration, graphic design, or sculpture, the process always begins with drawing. It is the very backbone of all artistic endeavors and I could not imagine trying to work without sketching something, anything, first. Even if it's a seemingly simple text-heavy document, the final design will be at its best when it matures from thumbnail sketches. Sketching begets discovery, and discovery begets creativity. Have you hugged your sketchbook today?